Alice Springs Australia, Oct. 2011

My kids Amani & Malaika


What an experience! While I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the train enjoying the view outside of the window as we approach Alice Springs. The view is amazing! This part of our journey started yesterday morning at 10 o’clock at Darwin railway station. We decided to celebrate my husband’s birthday by travelling in “The Ghan”, the overnight train from Darwin to Alice Spring. It’s a little bit expensive, the price is from $750 to $1,300 or more for the 1st class per person, but as I said before, the 26th was my Bwana’s birthday so we celebrated it on board Th Ghan. It was wonderful and we loved it!

The train’s first stop was the town of Katherine. We went for a cruise down Katherine Gorge. All I can say about that is “Wow!” It was magnificent! The view was to die for. We saw some unimaginably old stone cliffs, some of the oldest rocks in the world so they said. Some rock walls also had very old Aboriginal paintings.

We arrived in Alice Springs just after 10am, picked up our rental car and drove to the Heavitree Gap Resort. After we had a rest we went for lunch and drive to Simpsons Gap, the place is so beautiful. The resort we stayed at is somewhat famous for feeding wild Rock Wallabies, lovely creatures that are like small kangaroos. Every evening they come down the hills and be fed. We were fortunate because the feeding area was right outside our room. Amani & Malaika had great time feeding them. You could see in their eyes how happy they were. In the evening we went for a sunset camel ride. It was great fun we all enjoyed it very much. We only stayed in Alice Springs for one day and the next day we were on our way by Qantas to Adelaide. It will be big change because in Alice Springs it was dry and hot, but in Adelaide it was cool, even a bit cold. We can’t wait to meet our family in Adelaide.




4 thoughts on “Alice Springs Australia, Oct. 2011”

  1. Hi
    I like your life style you seems to be a real nice lady I bet the travelling you do as a family educate your children more than being a in classroom,Nasubili nimalize shule na mimi nianze kuwatembeza watoto,but just one question do you home educate them mkiwa kwenye misafara?au?

    1. Hi dear,
      Most of the time tunaenda holiday kipindi wamefunga shule hasa summer holidays kipindi kingine ni pale wanakua na mid-term or public holidays. Tukipata muda huo huwa tunajitahidi kutumia ipasavyo hata ikiwa one week. Thanks

  2. u a such a cool dada, napenda sana unvyoishi huna makeke bt maisha yako perfect,huna maringo wala dharau,nakutakia maisha mema na Mungu aendelee kukubariki wewe na family yako, with alot of lov lisa lee……

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