Darwin Australia, Oct. 2011

Down town Darwin


I had not been to the North Territory before. Or as they call it, the Outback. I liked it, but living there is not for me because I don’t think I could manage to handle the sun. You feel all the time like it is burning you. We were lucky because this time of the year it wasn’t that strong because the rainy season was starting. We stayed in the Mirembeena Travelodge which cost about $90 to $110 a night. It’s in good location in the centre of town so you can walk to many attractions. I did enjoy going for a walk around the city. It has beautiful gardens and ocean views with very comfortable walking places.

We stayed here for four days and had a chance to visit different places including the Adelaide River where Amani and Malaika had a blast to be very close with huge Crocodile. We cruised in a river boat to see crocodiles jump out of the water. On the way here we stopped at a countryside pub called the Humty Doo Hotel. For lunch I had to try mini hamburgers, a trio of crocodile meat, Kangaroo and barramundi fish. It was a different experience for sure! I enjoyed experiencing a taste of the outback life style.

On our last day we did a bit of shopping and walked around town in the evening we went to Doctor’s Gully to feed the fish. On our way to the place we had another typical Darwin experience – a tropical thunderstorm complete with rain and wind. Oh boy! You can see me, I didn’t like it at all even Malaika too. We got soaking wet but Amani and his Dad enjoyed it very much, smiling all the way. Like I said, you can’t get enough of the experience, the more the better. The fish feeding – we all like it, beautiful place with a lot of fish. The next day we were on our way to Alice Spring. Cheers!!!


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