Hobart Australia, Nov. 2011

With my Amani & Malaika, love you kidos!


Tasmania was our last stop in Australia on this holiday. We came especially for Jenny’s (Amani & Malaika’s sister) wedding. The weather at this time was still cold, even though it was almost the beginning of the summer. During the first 4 days it was especially cold and I didn’t feel well at all. We rented a holiday house by the beach, but we couldn’t really enjoy the beach because it was too cold and windy, and of course swimming here is risky even if it is summer because of the sharks. The holiday house was beautiful and we enjoyed putting firewood in the fire and walking around the garden. Amani & Malaika had much fun playing at a nice new park nearby the house. After 4 days we moved to Hobart city to stay at the same hotel we stayed at 2 years ago – the Fountainside. The hotel is in the city center and we had fun walking around the harbour and did some small shopping. Luckily the weather was good for couple of days!

We stayed in Tasmania for 7 days – 3 in the holiday house near Jenny’s place at Dodge’s Ferry, 3 at the hotel in the city and then 1 night at the Airport hotel since we had an early flight the next morning.

We really enjoyed being around the extended family who all came from different part of Australia especially for the wedding. The weather was so nice on the wedding day – not too sunny nor too cold. And the wedding was just beautiful. We all enjoyed the day very much. We flew from Hobart to Melbourne, then on to Singapore and finally to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Ahhh… some nice Thai style relaxation. Can’t wait :))


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