“Memories are a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose…”

DSCN0044 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Montreux, Switzerland-Part 2)DSCN9315 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Montreux, Switzerland)Lushoto 2012 (Lushoto, Tanzania. Mar 2012, Part 3)DSCN4853 (The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco-Our around the world trip Nov-Dec 2013)Shangri La, 2012 (Breakfast with hubby @Al Husn, Shangri-La Hotel. Aug, 2012)DSCN9403 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Arriving in Longyearbyen, Norway)DSCN2549 (Our Summer Holiday 2016-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-Day 16-Fun At The Beach-Kigamboni)DSCN9108 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-From Tiefencastel to Brig Switzerland by The Glacier Express train)Amani 4th Yr (My 4th Year)DCIM102GOPRO (Summer Holiday 2014- Our First Day In Maldives)Shangri La 2012 (Our 2nd Day in Shangri-La Hotels, Oman. Aug, 2012)DSCN6939 (Family Easter Holiday 2015-Singapore)Krabi 2009 (Family Holiday Krabi, Thailand. 2009)DSCN4457 (Our around the world trip Nov-Dec 2013-MSC Divina welcome to Miami)Kilimanjaro hotel 2012 (One Night Stay @Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency Hotel Dar, Tanzania. Oct 2012)Lushoto 2012 (Lushoto, Tanzania. Mar 2012, Part 3)Mexico City 2004 (Mexico City, Mexico 2004)Longyearbyen (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Longyearbyen, Norway-Part 3)DSCN9480 (Summer Holiday 2014- Our 3rd Day In Maldives)DSCN0588 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Hellesylt, Norway)Tina in Muscat (Baby Sis Tina Out & About in Muscat, Part II)Malaika 5th birthday party (Malaika’s 5th birthday pool party @Bandar Marina. 20th Sept 2012)DSCN2633 (Our Summer Holiday 2016-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-Day 17-With Family And Friends-Kigamboni)DSCN3229 (Our Summer Holiday 2016-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-Day 27-28-Fun At The Beach With My Babies)DSCN6165 (Malaika’s 8th Birthday Party 2015-It’s A Tea And Spa Party-Part 2)DSCN7363 (Family Easter Holiday 2015-Taipei, Taiwan-Part 2)DSCN5176 (Sydney, Australia-Our family around the world trip Nov-Dec 2013)Malaika 4th yr (Malaika’s 4th Year)DSCN0264 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Day One On MSC Splendida Cruise Ship)20131101_095142_4_bestshot (Our around the world trip Nov-Dec, 2013-Oman to Venice, Italy)DSCN6180 (Family at Turtle Beach, Oman. Jan, 2014)DSCN9369 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Tromso, Norway)DSCN3389 (Our Summer Holiday 2016-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-Day 29-30-Touring Bongo)DSCN8339 (Summer Holiday 2014-Day 09-Koh Nangyuan resort, Thailand)DSCN8727 (Family Summer Holiday 2015-Florence, Italy-Part III)Dar 2012 (At Serena Hotel Dar, March 2012)Muscat (Life in Oman)Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai, Thailand)Next