Trip To Mud Volcano In Colombia, South America, Dec 06.2012

Colombia 2
Cartagena Colombia


After docking in Cartagena, we organized a taxi and set off on our adventure to experience the mud volcano – El Totumo, Colombia. It’s about one hour’s drive to the place, mostly through the countryside. It was a little bit scary because of the reputation of this country, where sometimes people have disappeared. Fortunately for us we didn’t have any trouble at all and came back to the ship safe. Glad we did go there.

The mud in the volcano is about one mile deep! But it’s so thick it’s impossible to sink, even if you “stand” with your toes down. There are frequent “burps” of Hydrogen Sulphide gas bubbling up from deep-down somewhere. This gas is commonly known as Rotten Egg gas, so it did get a bit smelly at times. They claim soaking in the mud is good for your health and they even sell bottles of it. I don’t know if it really is or not, but as you can see we had much fun! :)

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