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Amani & Malaika 1st Day on the Cruise, summer holiday 2012

Amani & Malaika


After dragging their suitcases for more than 1km from the Kiel train station to the port, Amani and Malaika were very excited to finally board their cruise boat, the MSC Magnifica. Lunch was still being served when they went to the buffet restaurant up on Deck 13 and they grabbed a table next to the window to enjoy the view. After feasting on sausages and pasta, their father told them to go and check out the desserts to see what they would like. They soon returned, both saying they had spotted nice things and asked for some money. The look on their faces after their Dad told them they don’t need money and that they can just take whatever they wanted was priceless! Both ran back to the dessert section and returned with 2 desserts each! Awwwww…mum miss this one

Amani & Malaika Summer Holiday In Hamburg Germany, 2012

Amani & Malaika


I ask Amani and Malaika, what was good about Hamburg and this is what they said

Amani: Going in the train, eating ice cream,  bought strawberries and eating them all. My favourite was eating very delicious ice cream.

Malaika: Eating ice cream, going in the train, going on the double deck bus and eating bananas. My favourite was eating very delicious ice cream.

And Mama yao, I would like to try this ice cream one day must be good :)))) I can say they are very lucky little fellows.