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Family Sunset Dhow Cruise-Muscat, Oman 2013

On Sunset Dhow with my family
On Sunset Dhow with my family

Went on a sunset dhow cruise, at last!  We’ve been meaning to do one for  a long time, but just needed an excuse. Visitors :)

Lunch with family @Bandar Marina, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my lovely sis Tina


After touring Wadi Dayqah Dam we decided to stop Bandar Marina and have lunch, it’s a nice place with a beautiful view.  They have delicious homemade burger which I had for my lunch, it was very yummy!

Family @Wadi Dayqah Dam, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my kids and baby sister Tina


This weekend we decided to take my little sister Tina to see Wadi Dayqah Dam and to have a chance to see a little bit of Oman country side. Even though was too sunny but we had an amazing time, the place is beautiful.


It’s Tina time @Qurum City Center Mall, Oman. Aug, 2012



hahahaaa, a very happy face of mine i had a greit day and a greit time. After having a quality time at Al Bustan Palace Hotel we went to the mall for some shoppings and some desert lol jamani it was yummy and i ended up full tummy al manusura kuvimbiwa but it was very nice actually it was worth it!!if i will be having this ice cream daily i will surely gain 5kgs per week, thats how yummy food pays you back!. Good food & shopping going well together hihihihiiiii…..

Tina @Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton hotel, Oman with dada. Aug, 2012



So, after we had our lunch and fish pedicure we headed to Al Bustan Palace Hotel for coffee/tea,oooh what a lovely place, I loooove the entry road to the hotel, it’s so green uwezi amini kama uko eneo la jangwa. To be honest Al Bustan Palace is one of a kind, I can’t explain how but It’s just beautiful aiseeey it is trully a Palace :)))

Tina Out & About in Muscat. Aug, 2012

walinishambulia mpaka nkataka kutoa mguu,it took a while kuzoea.


What a greit day i had even my face can show it, it was long and interesting i loved it i loved it i loved it thnx sisy…….i had the so called Sushi for Lunch kwenye restaurant ya kijapan, it was my first time to have sushi OMG i like it i like it nitamujee?and healthy too wish i could have it daily!. Then afterwards we had our fish pedicure jamani those fish wanatekenyaje?u just have to wash your legs before kuingia then thats it u just sit and they do their job it is very relaxing, it was greit.

My Baby Sis Tina Eid Day @Muscat City Center Mall. Aug 2012

@pinkberry, Muscat City Center Mall


This is how i celebrated my Eid, me and my sister decided to go City center early before watu hawajajaa because on holidays or weekends watu wanajaa sana(like Kariakoo)lol! We went for lunch at GBK kitchen and had some marvelous healthy burger and onion rings it was yummy i just want to go back again and again I loved it(na ninavopenda kula), it was very nice then I had my favorite ice cream at Pinkberry. I also did some few shopping’s(Forever 21 inaniuwaa) and that was it, my Eid!!. I was very happy this day i was waiting for it to come so bad i couldn’t wait!!

Our Last Day @Shangri-La Hotels, Oman. Aug, 2012

Mama Amika @Al Husn Hotel


Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Shangri-La hotels Oman is the best. I love the combination of three hotels in one place Al Husn, Al Bandar, Al Waha and each one with it’s own character……just amazing. It’s a place for everyone…..for sure you will like it and have fun, like we did :))))



Our 2nd Day Breakfast @Al Sultanah Rest. Shangri-La Hotel, Oman. Aug 2012

Breakfast @Al Sultanah restaurant, Al Husn Hotel


What can I say… I just loved everything about Al Husn hotel. And to be honest, when we will next find a baby sitter to leave kids with, we will definitely come back. It’s such a romantic place and very elegant. It’s money well spent! :))))

Fun In The Lazy River @Al Waha, Shangri-La Hotel Oman. Aug, 2012

In the pool by night with my kids and my baby sis Tina @Al Waha


It’s a good feeling sometimes when you felt like a kid again, that’s what we felt when we were cruising around lazy river then splushing the water at the pool. The kids were so happy and they had a great time, smilling all the way. That’s what we call fun:))))