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Our 2nd Day Breakfast @Al Sultanah Rest. Shangri-La Hotel, Oman. Aug 2012

Breakfast @Al Sultanah restaurant, Al Husn Hotel


What can I say… I just loved everything about Al Husn hotel. And to be honest, when we will next find a baby sitter to leave kids with, we will definitely come back. It’s such a romantic place and very elegant. It’s money well spent! :))))

Breakfast with hubby @Al Husn, Shangri-La Hotel. Aug, 2012

@Sultanah Restaurant


After making sure that kids had their breakfast in Al Bandar hotel where they’re staying, I heading back to our hotel and went straight to Al Sultanah restaurant to have our breakfast. This place kwa kweli they know what they’re doing, kila kitu kilikua on point and I love it!:))))