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City Tour Aruba Part II…MSC Poesia Cruise Ship Day 4, Dec 5. 2012

Oranjestad city in Aruba waiting to sail
Oranjestad city in Aruba waiting to sail


After the butterfly farm we continued with our city tour. We visited an Aloe Vera factory, a ocean natural stone bridge that had unfortunately collapsed recently, the lighthouse, wealthy Aruba resident’s homes and several of the many hotels along the coast. The island has many beautiful beaches and it was impressive to hear that all beaches on the island are public – no private beaches, even at the big hotels. If you want to swim you just go, put down your beach towel and swim! I wish TZ can have the same rules so Tanzanians can have a chance to enjoy all their country :))

One of my favourite sights in Aruba was the tour buses. There were so many and each had their own character and paint scheme – it really spices up the city. Oranjestad city in Aruba is small but what amazed me was how alive it is. Lots of things to do, especially for those who like to party or shop. You can find a lot of different designer shops.

It was lovely when we started sailing to see people in the city and on yatchs and small boats waving to the people on the ship. Somehow it reminded me long time ago… on my very small screen tv watching the movie Titanic. That’s the first time I started to dream that one day I will be on one of these big ships :))

Aruba City Tour Part I…MSC Poesia Cruise Ship Day 4, Dec 5. 2012

@Butterfly farm
With my kids @Butterfly farm


After we docked in Oranjestad Aruba, we started our day by taking a City tour @ butterfly farm which was in the middle of the city. It was lovely to hear about the history of the farm and to be surrounded by beautiful butterflies, which my baby girl Malaika, really adores :))