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Malaika’s 5th birthday pool party @Bandar Marina. 20th Sept 2012

The birthday girl


It was a lovely day, she wants a big birthday party and she got it. And not only a party, a pool party with all her friends wow! what a lucky girl:))))

It’s Tina time @Qurum City Center Mall, Oman. Aug, 2012



hahahaaa, a very happy face of mine i had a greit day and a greit time. After having a quality time at Al Bustan Palace Hotel we went to the mall for some shoppings and some desert lol jamani it was yummy and i ended up full tummy al manusura kuvimbiwa but it was very nice actually it was worth it!!if i will be having this ice cream daily i will surely gain 5kgs per week, thats how yummy food pays you back!. Good food & shopping going well together hihihihiiiii…..

@Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok, Thailand. July 2010

The roof top restaurant, Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok.


Safari hii tulikaa Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok  baada ya kucheck in tulielekea kwenye room yetu OMG room yetu ilikua wow! Tulichukua Club Suite ambayo ilikua ni breath taking. Baada ya kupumzika kidogo nilimuachia hubby watoto and mum alielekea shopping maana Bangkok na shopping ndio kwenyewe. Usiku hubby treated me a dinner at the roof top restaurant ambayo ilikua amazing and the food was delicous bila kusahau the view is to die for. Kids tuliwaacha na babysitter ambapo Hubby alikua amesha arrange, haya ndio mambo ya Thailand bwana :))))))