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Snorkeling At Bonaire Island, Day 3 MSC Cruise Ship Dec 4. 2012

Snorkelling trip Bonaire
Snorkelling trip Bonaire


Early in the morning on day 4 of our 10 night cruise we arrived at Bonaire. This Island is under Dutch rule and the citizens hold Dutch passports. The people here are a mix of Caucasians, Africans, Asians etc. The languages spoken are Dutch, English and a local dialect.

The 1st thing we did was snorkelling, then afterwards we went back to the ship for a freshen up and have lunch, then we went for a walk in the city which is very close to the port. It was good that the ship stayed here until evening so we had a chance to expore more of island.

In the evening we went back to the ship ready for cruising and exciting for the next adventure tomorrow in  Aruba:)

Our 10 Night Cruise Starts Here, Fort Lauderdale USA, Dec 1st 2012


Onboard MSC Poesia Cruise


Three continents. Our journey began in Asia – the Middle East, crossed Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, then finally, North America. Finally, after two long flights we arrived in Miami, Florida. We stayed there for just one night to rest, then continued on to Fort Lauderdale so that we could be close to Port Everglades from where our cruise would depart. We stayed here for one night and the following day we boarded the MSC Poesia for our 10 night cruise to Bonaire Island (under Dutch rule), Aruba, Colombia, Panama and Jamaica.

This was my second cruise. My first was a Princess Cruise on our honeymoon back in 2004, so I was really excited. For my daughter Malaika it was her 3rd and for my son Amani is his 2nd. My husband and I believe it’s really important and worthwhile to give the kids a chance to expore the world as much as possible and learn about different people, places and cultures. To be honest we are starting to see the benefit of it for them. They’re more exposed for their age and understand the world more than most kids in their age for that we’re very pleased.

The 1st impression of cruise was wow!

Malaika’s 5th birthday pool party @Bandar Marina. 20th Sept 2012

The birthday girl


It was a lovely day, she wants a big birthday party and she got it. And not only a party, a pool party with all her friends wow! what a lucky girl:))))

Happy 5th Birthday My Beautiful Malaika Imani, 21st Sept. 2012

Birthday girl. Sept, 2012

I don’t know where to start kwa kweli, my beautiful baby girl is turning 5 today. What a blessing. I can’t believe it’s just 5yrs ago when I held in my hands a 4.5kg baby girl and now she growing and becoming a such lovable, caring, charming girl. I’ve been blessed to have a such healthy baby who for 5yrs hasn’t been seriously ill. We took her to the Doctor only once and that happened on her journey from 4yrs to 5yrs, but before that she has never been seriously sick. I keep praying to the Lord to keep protecting her and for her grow up to be a healthy woman.

After been sick for almost 2weeks. Poor baby girl, she lost a lot of weight. Dec, 2011

And here is her story which I’ve prepared for her, for all the year along her jorney from 4 to 5yrs, which I’ve been doing ever since she was born. After she celebrated her 4th year, she was blessed to start her lovely 5th year by celebrating her half sister Jenny’s wedding in Hobart Tasmania Australia where she was a flower girl. She loved it so much. On her way to the wedding she got a chance to see Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore again. In Singapore our family stopped there to celebrate her mother’s birthday and she enjoyed it very well, especially when she got a chance to sing happy birthday to her mummy.

With my mummy in Bangkok, Thailand. Oct, 2011
With my daddy and brother Amani in Bangkok, Thailand. Oct, 2012


With my mum and Amani in Singapore, mum birthday 21st Oct. 2011


Mummy birthday in Singapore with my family. Oct, 21st. 2011


The friend I met in Singapore. Oct, 2011

In Australia she got a chance to visit Darwin and have a chance to feed the fish at Doctor’s Gully. The adventure didn’t end there as she boarded a Ghan train to expore more of Australia’s Northern Territory to Alice Springs. On the way we stopped in Katherine and had a chance to expore one of the oldest stone gorges in the world. In Alice Springs she got a chance to feed wallabies and ride a camel in desert.

With my mum in Darwin, Australia. Oct, 2011
With my mum in Darwin, Australia. Oct, 20122


Outback Darwin, Australia. Oct, 2011


Outback Darwin, Australia. Oct, 2011


Came to see Brutus Jumping Croc, Darwin Australia Oct. 2011


On the boat ready to see Brutus, Darwin Australia. Oct, 2011


With my brother Amani in Darwin, Australia. Oct, 2011


With my mummy Darwin, Australia. Oct, 2011


Down town Darwin Australia, Oct. 2011


Feeding the fish Darwin Australia, Oct. 2011


Feeding the fish Darwin Australia, Oct. 2011
Feeding the fish Darwin Australia, Oct. 2011


Train station on the way to Alice Spring. Darwin Australia Oct, 2011
Inside Ghan train with my daddy on our way to Alice Spring Australia, Oct. 2011


Arrived Alice Spring, Australia. Oct 2011
At the Zoo, Alice Spring Australia. Oct, 2011
Alice Spring, Australia. Oct, 2011
Alice Spring, Australia. Oct, 2011


Feeding wallabies Alice Spring, Australia. Oct, 2011
Outside our hotel feeding wallabies, Alice Spring Australia. Oct, 2011


Ride a camel in desert Alice Spring  Australia, Oct. 2011
Ride a camel in desert Alice Spring Australia, Oct. 2011


Ride a camel in desert Alice Spring  Australia, Oct. 2011

She was very happy when we stopped in Adelaide, South Australia where her daddy comes from and visit some of the friends and have a chance at first time to visit her grandfather and grandmother’s graves at the cemetery and have a little prayer. She was so happy when she helped her cousin Amanda to prepare a halloween pumpkin when we were invited to a BBQ at her Uncle Lex & Aunty Sue’s place. Was lovely too to catch up with Uncle Neville and cousin Lynda and her daughter Brittany. She also visited her half sister Skye and shemeji Simon’s home for a drink and have wonderful time to play with their dog Gracie.

@Skye’s place Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011
@Skye’s place Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011


Downtown Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011


Downtown Adelaide, Australia with my mum. Oct, 2011
@ the cemetery with daddy & Amani Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011
BBQ at Uncle Lex & Aunty Sue’s place Adelaide Australia. Oct, 2011
helped cousin Amanda to prepare a halloween pumpkin, Adelaide Australia. Oct, 2011
Downtown Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011
Downtown Adelaide Australia, Oct. 2011

It was lovely finally arrived in Hobart, Tasmania where she stayed in a lovely holiday house we rented. It was a lovely house with a fire place and have a chance to help to put some wood. This place was a little bit cold but that didn’t stop her from going for a walk along the beach which was just few steps from the house. She had a chance to play in the park which is very near by the house.

In Hobart Tasmania with daddy, Jenny, Dave & Amani. Nov, 2011


play in the park Hobart, Australia. Nov, 2011


play in the park with James and mum Hobart, Australia. Nov, 2011


Downtown Hobart, Australia. Nov, 2011
Downtown Hobart, Australia. Nov, 2011

And the wedding day come along she boarded a coach which took us from downtown to the wedding venue which was in the countryside. It was a beautiful sunny day and she had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. There was a little bit of an accident, because she was having so much fun she waited for too long to say she want to go for a wee and wet herself LOL! Mummy had to take her pants off and let her finish the party without them because she didn’t have a change of one. Luckily she was only four hahahaaaa… I don’t know if she will think this is funny a few years from now.


@Jenny’s wedding. Nov, 2011
@Jenny’s wedding, Tasmania, Nov. 2011
Here I come, I am flower girl @Jenny’s wedding Tasmania, Australia. Nov, 2011
Flower girl with bridesmaid Natalie, big sis Hayley and sis Skye @Jenny’s wedding Tasmania, Australia. Nov 2011
@Jenny’s wedding with the family Tasmania, Australia. Nov 2011
With ring bearer my brother Amani @Jenny’s wedding. Nov, 2011


@Jenny’s wedding Tasmania Australia, Nov. 2011


Look! Yes, I was invited too hahaaaa..with my dad @Jenny’s wedding Tasmani Australia. Nov, 2011
The family @Jenny’s wedding Tasmani, Nov. 2012


Having fun @Jenny’s wedding, Tasmania, Australia. Nov, 2011

After the wedding we stayed a couple more days in Hobart then headed to Chiang Mai Thailand to celebrate Thai New Year before headed back home and back to school.

Downtown Hobart Australia, Nov, 2011


Downtown Hobart Australia with aunt Jenny, dad and Amani. Nov 2011


Shopping some fruits @local market Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nov, 2011


Heritage B&B we stayed, Chiang Mai Thailand. Nov, 2011


Breakfast in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nov, 2011


Making a wish in Thai style celebrating Thai new year


With my mum out to celebrate Thai new year


Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nov, 2011


With my brother Amani in Chiang Mai Thailand. Nov, 2011


Thai New Year celebration. Nov, 2011

She came with a lot of stories to tell her classmates and teachers which they enjoyed hearing very much. Before she knew it, she had a chance to celebrate her 5th Christmas. The 1st Dec is our Xmas tree day and as usual this year she helped her family to decorate the tree and it was beautiful tree.She started counting the nights until Xmas and eating one chocolate every day from her Xmas countdown calendar and then finally the day came to the night before Xmas when her Dad read the book “The Night Before Christmas” which he has been doing ever since she and Amani were born. This is her Daddy’s tradition and she loves it. She went to bed dreaming about Santa bringing lots of presents.

Decorating Xmas tree 1st Dec is our tradition Xmas tree day. 2011


Our Xmas tree day 1st Dec, 2011


The night before Xmas, 24th Dec. 2011


Santa was very good to me and Amani. The morning of Xmas day 25th Dec, 2011


The morning of Xmas, 25th Dec 2011


Thanks Santa

This year we decided to celebrate with a holiday at the Shangri La hotel for couple of days. She had a blast and one of her favourite pasttimes was to play in the water and go tubing down the Lazy River. It was awesome and she would love to come back again here.

Xmas Day @Shangri-La Hotel 25th Dec 2011
I love the Xmas tree @Shangri-La hotel, 25th Dec. 2011
outside Xmas tree @Shangri-La hotel, 25th Dec. 2011
My 5th Xmas @Shangri-La hotel, 25th Dec 2011
Bath time with my brother Amani, 25th Dec 2011
Bath time with my brother Amani, 25th Dec 2011
Breakfast @Shangri-La hotel, 26th Dec 2011


With my bro Amani @Shangri-La hotel, 26th Dec 2011


Breakfast with family @Shangri-La hotel, 26th Dec 2011
With mum & Amani @Shangri-La hotel, 26th Dec 2011
@Shangri-La hotel, 26th Dec 2011
@Shangri-La hotel having fun, 26th Dec 2011
Having fun with daddy & Amani @The lazy river, 26th Dec 2011

In February she had a chance to help celebrate her brother Amani’s birthday. And it was great when she asked mummy and daddy to arrange a big birthday party for her too this year so she can celebrate with her friends.

My brother Amani’s 6th birthday 15th Feb


Fun @Amani’s birthday party. Feb, 2011
Fun @Amani’s birthday party with Izzy. Feb, 2011
Fun @Amani’s birthday party with Izzy. Feb, 2011

On summer holiday this year she went with her Dad and her brother Amani, cruising around Europe where she got a chance to visit different countries like Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Poland & Denmark. She had a chance to meet different people and make friends. On the cruise she met one very old gentleman who was 95 and still enjoying cruising. She enjoyed herself a lot on the cruise especially because they had a Kids Club where she had a lot of fun with different children on board.

In Germany, June 2012
On our way to Sweden, June 2012


Estonia, June 2012


Behind is our Cruise ship, June 2012


Inside cruise ship, June 2012


Inside Cruise Ship, June 2012


Fun @ the pool with my brother Amani. Cruise ship, June 2012


With very old gentleman who was 95 and still enjoying cruising. Inside Cruise Ship June, 2011


Sweden with my brother Amani, June 2012

A few days after she came back from holiday she welcomed Aunty Tina, my young sister, to our house. It was so lovely to see her. She really had fun with her all the time she was with us and finally her request was granted when her Mum and Dad took her back to the Shangri La Hotel for a weekend. She was very happy and had much fun again going tubing on The Lazy River, swimming in the pools and playing at adventure zone.

On our way to Shangri-La hotel with aunt Tina and Amani
With my mum @Shangri-la hotel

Summer came to an end and Aunt Tina went back to Tanzania and Malaika went back to school again. This year she’s in Reception and now she gets to do homework every day. Yeah! She loves doing home work. She loves her new class and her new teacher very much and I believe this year is going to be an interesting one with a lot of learning. And her swimming is coming along well, and guess what kind of birthday party she’s going to have this year? A pool party!!!!:))))))) I think she’ll love it! I believe it is going to be fantastic!XOXO

Lunch with family @Bandar Marina, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my lovely sis Tina


After touring Wadi Dayqah Dam we decided to stop Bandar Marina and have lunch, it’s a nice place with a beautiful view.  They have delicious homemade burger which I had for my lunch, it was very yummy!

Family @Wadi Dayqah Dam, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my kids and baby sister Tina


This weekend we decided to take my little sister Tina to see Wadi Dayqah Dam and to have a chance to see a little bit of Oman country side. Even though was too sunny but we had an amazing time, the place is beautiful.


Fun In The Lazy River @Al Waha, Shangri-La Hotel Oman. Aug, 2012

In the pool by night with my kids and my baby sis Tina @Al Waha


It’s a good feeling sometimes when you felt like a kid again, that’s what we felt when we were cruising around lazy river then splushing the water at the pool. The kids were so happy and they had a great time, smilling all the way. That’s what we call fun:))))

Around Shangri-La Hotels, Oman. Aug 2012

My two beautiful girls Tina & Malaika Imani


What a beautiful day in Shangri-La hotels, after breakfast we decided to walk around the hotels and took some pics and they look great!!!:)))

Family Holiday in Khao Kheeo, Thailand. 2010

Flight of the gibbon


What an adventure!  Baada ya kuenjoy Pattaya tukaenda Khao Kheeo kupata adventure ya Flight of the Gibbon ni sehemu maalum imetengwa kwa ajili ya national park. Tulifikia Estete ni Tents hotel ina mandhari ya kuvutia sana. Pia nilifurahishwa sana na design ya bathroom zake ambazo zilikua zina usafi wa hali ya juu. Kipindi hiki kilikua ni cha mvua kidogo ambapo kwa upande wangu nilifurahia sana kulala kwenye tents huku mvua inanyesha ilinikumbusha mbali sana enzi hizo nilipokua nafanya kazi Red Cross Kasulu Kigoma Tanzania.

Was nice kuona upande mwingine wa Thailand ambapo huku ni mainland. Na kupata adventure ya kutembelea Zoo mida ya usiku ambapo tuliweza kumsogelea Tiger kwa karibu zaidi and of course without forget Flight of the Gibbon oh dear another new adventure in my life, that’s way I like it. Cheers!!!!

Family Holiday Krabi, Thailand. 2010

At Sunrise resort Krabi with my kids


Siamini mara ya kwanza nilikuaja hapa miaka saba iliyopita, hii ni mara yangu ya nne. Kitu cha kuchekesha na kizuri ni kwamba kila tukirudi wanatupa the same room ambayo tulikaa 2003 how sweet. Sunrise Resort and Railay never disappointed us and again we had an awasome time. No adventure this time just relax and enjoy until next time cheers!!!!