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Trip To Native Indian Village In Panama, Dec 07. 2012

Native Indian village, Panama


After visiting the Panama canal our next stop was a native Indian village situated by a lake in the jungle. It was quite remote and took nearly an hour by road and then 45 minutes by longboat to reach it.

It was quite amazing to see how little their life has changed since old days. All in all the experience was wonderful and we all had an amazing time:)

Our Next Stop Panama On MSC Poesia Cruise Ship, Dec 07. 2012

@Panama Canal, Panama
@Panama Canal, Panama


A visit to the famous Panama canal was another good experience for me. Before that I didn’t know much about it so was really good education for me and my kids. To be there and actually see how works was really wonderful, the people who build it did a great job even took them so long to finish but they did something amazing kweli tembea uone. I’m very happy to get chance to see it and be there. Our next stop is to visit an Indian village on a lake in the jungle. Let the adventure begin! :)