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Family weekend getaway at Alila Resort, Oman-July 2014

Miss Malaika
Miss Malaika

Kulikua na baridi lakini watoto hawakutaka kutoka ndani ya maji lol! Walichokua wanafanya ni kuogelea wakisikia baridi wanaenda kwenye pool ya ndani ambayo ina maji ya moto then wanarudi nje heheheee…kazi ya mama ilikua ni kuwapiga picha na kusmile :)

At Alila Resort, Oman-Family weekend getaway. July 2014

My babies
My babies

As soon tumefika tu familia yote ikakimbilia kwenye pool lol! The view from the pool is incredible. Kama inavyoonekana kwenye picha kila sehemu ukiangalia ina view nzuri sana. Too bad mama alisahau kupaki nguo za kuogelea sikuweza kuogelea kabisa :)

At Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore-Our family around the world trip Nov-Dec 2013


With my babies at the rooftop pool
With my babies at the rooftop pool

Quite a view from the rooftop! I’m in love with this hotel, It’s breathtaking!

It’s My birthday @ Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency Hotel Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 21st Oct 2012

Mama Amika


It was a beautiful day! To wake up on my birthday in this beautiful place was amazing. I started my day by going to the gym, then after a shower, headed for breakfast. Awww… even now when I think about it i feel like smiling. There is a big different between civilized places and “other” places. Can you believe that after other people knew it’s my birthday most of them after they finished their breakfast passed by my table to wish me a happy birthday. I was so touched. And thanks to lovely Johan and the staff for surprising me with cake and singing “Happy Birthday” too! It’s a shame I was late to grab my camera and take some pictures, but I was so happy.

This reminded me of my last birthday when the immigration officer in Singapore (most of whom as you know are very serious) after checking my passport, she looked at me and wished me a happy birthday with big smile then she wished me a wonderful day. Now that’s what I call civilized!

After my breakfast I had a chance to enjoy the hotel, starting with a swim in the pool, then went to the Spa which was incredible. I do love Spas :) Later I checked out and got ready to go to the airport because I was travelling the same day. Thanks to my friend Kay and her son Ryan and his friend Jayden for the ride to the airport – much love to you guys. Not to forget my baby sis Tina, my mtoto Flora and mama mdogo. Thanks you guys and Johan, you’re the best! :))

@Kijiji Beach Kigamboni Dar es Salaam, Tanzania With Flora. Oct 2012

Mama Amika


Okay, after having fun at the pool we showered, dressed up and did what we love do best –  take some photos! That was really fun :)))

Fun @Kijiji Beach Pool Kijamboni Dar, Tanzania With Flora. Oct. 2012

Happy mama Amika


I decided to take my mtoto Flora for a one night stay at Kijiji beach Kigamboni. After our early morning walk on the beach, then breakfast, we went straight to the pool. When we checked in the day before our minds were on this nice pool. It was a shame that we only had one day, but I believe you will agree with me after seeing the photos that we made good use of it :)))


Malaika’s 5th birthday pool party @Bandar Marina. 20th Sept 2012

The birthday girl


It was a lovely day, she wants a big birthday party and she got it. And not only a party, a pool party with all her friends wow! what a lucky girl:))))

@Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Thailand 2010

The Beatles, you can find them every corridor


Tulivyofika tu kwenye mji huu tulianza ona shamrashamra huku watalii wakiwa wamezagaa kila kona. Tulifikia  Hard Rock Hotel and the beauty of here means fun for everyone, a lot of intertainments, one of our favourite is pool and Bubble disco. I love Hard Rock hotels style nice music and that’s way I like it. Cheers!!!!


Family Holiday Krabi, Thailand. 2010

At Sunrise resort Krabi with my kids


Siamini mara ya kwanza nilikuaja hapa miaka saba iliyopita, hii ni mara yangu ya nne. Kitu cha kuchekesha na kizuri ni kwamba kila tukirudi wanatupa the same room ambayo tulikaa 2003 how sweet. Sunrise Resort and Railay never disappointed us and again we had an awasome time. No adventure this time just relax and enjoy until next time cheers!!!!