Baby Sis Tina holiday in Oman, summer 2012

Safari club @ Grand Hyatt Hotel..


Muscat Oman, what a beautiful place to be,it is just full of suprises, happy spending my holiday here…it is beautiful,thank u Zawadi! XOXO. Says Tina

7 thoughts on “Baby Sis Tina holiday in Oman, summer 2012”

  1. Good to see u aunty Tinah
    Hope yo so released and avng th best ov yo time!!
    Keep on enjoying hunie!
    Kisses en hugsss!!!
    Luv uuuu!!!

  2. Thts my giRl!!!happy to see. You wth tht smile…
    Keep roickin,bt rem one thng,we luv n miss u deaDlY!!

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