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Snorkeling At Bonaire Island, Day 3 MSC Cruise Ship Dec 4. 2012

Snorkelling trip Bonaire
Snorkelling trip Bonaire


Early in the morning on day 4 of our 10 night cruise we arrived at Bonaire. This Island is under Dutch rule and the citizens hold Dutch passports. The people here are a mix of Caucasians, Africans, Asians etc. The languages spoken are Dutch, English and a local dialect.

The 1st thing we did was snorkelling, then afterwards we went back to the ship for a freshen up and have lunch, then we went for a walk in the city which is very close to the port. It was good that the ship stayed here until evening so we had a chance to expore more of island.

In the evening we went back to the ship ready for cruising and exciting for the next adventure tomorrow in  Aruba:)

Our 10 Night Cruise Starts Here, Fort Lauderdale USA, Dec 1st 2012


Onboard MSC Poesia Cruise


Three continents. Our journey began in Asia – the Middle East, crossed Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, then finally, North America. Finally, after two long flights we arrived in Miami, Florida. We stayed there for just one night to rest, then continued on to Fort Lauderdale so that we could be close to Port Everglades from where our cruise would depart. We stayed here for one night and the following day we boarded the MSC Poesia for our 10 night cruise to Bonaire Island (under Dutch rule), Aruba, Colombia, Panama and Jamaica.

This was my second cruise. My first was a Princess Cruise on our honeymoon back in 2004, so I was really excited. For my daughter Malaika it was her 3rd and for my son Amani is his 2nd. My husband and I believe it’s really important and worthwhile to give the kids a chance to expore the world as much as possible and learn about different people, places and cultures. To be honest we are starting to see the benefit of it for them. They’re more exposed for their age and understand the world more than most kids in their age for that we’re very pleased.

The 1st impression of cruise was wow!

My 3rd Week In Bongo Tanzania, Oct. 2012

@Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency Hotel


What a busy week! It started by staying @Kijiji beach then having lunch with Rochella and her mum @Sea Cliff hotel. The next day brunch with my good friend Christina @Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency hotel. Another day I went to visit my friend’s daughter Malaika who I haven’t seen for a while. She was very happy to see me, she’s such a sweet girl  and beautiful like her name. I finished my week by having some tea then an early dinner @ Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency hotel with my mtoto Flora. It was an enjoyable week :)))

Malaika on her birthday 21st Sept. 2012

Birthday girl


My 5 years old baby girl Malaika Imani Linda on her birthday 21st September, 2012.


Malaika’s 5th birthday pool party @Bandar Marina. 20th Sept 2012

The birthday girl


It was a lovely day, she wants a big birthday party and she got it. And not only a party, a pool party with all her friends wow! what a lucky girl:))))

Lunch with family @Bandar Marina, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my lovely sis Tina


After touring Wadi Dayqah Dam we decided to stop Bandar Marina and have lunch, it’s a nice place with a beautiful view.  They have delicious homemade burger which I had for my lunch, it was very yummy!

Family @Wadi Dayqah Dam, Oman. Aug, 2012

With my kids and baby sister Tina


This weekend we decided to take my little sister Tina to see Wadi Dayqah Dam and to have a chance to see a little bit of Oman country side. Even though was too sunny but we had an amazing time, the place is beautiful.


Fun In The Lazy River @Al Waha, Shangri-La Hotel Oman. Aug, 2012

In the pool by night with my kids and my baby sis Tina @Al Waha


It’s a good feeling sometimes when you felt like a kid again, that’s what we felt when we were cruising around lazy river then splushing the water at the pool. The kids were so happy and they had a great time, smilling all the way. That’s what we call fun:))))

Around Shangri-La Hotels, Oman. Aug 2012

My two beautiful girls Tina & Malaika Imani


What a beautiful day in Shangri-La hotels, after breakfast we decided to walk around the hotels and took some pics and they look great!!!:)))