Adelaide Australia, 2011

Down town Adelaide


We had a great time in Adelaide the weather was beautiful since it was almost the summer. We enjoyed getting together with some of the family, we didn’t have much time we had only four days so we had chance to meet just few of them. We were happy to see my husband’s brother Neville (who stood beside my husband as Best Man at our wedding,). I like Neville very much, so I was very happy to have lunch with him and his lovely daughter Lynda and her daughter Brittany. Amani & Malaika had much fun playing & talking with her. We had another lovely day when we went and visit my daughter-in-law Skye and her husband in their new house. As usual Amani & Malaika had a blast playing with their dog Gracie. The day before we left Adelaide, we went and visit another of my brothers-in-law, Lex and his wife Sue. We had a great Aussie BBQ at their home and it was wonderful to see them and their children again.

We had a chance too to visit my hubby parent’s grave at the cemetery so Amani & Malaika can see where their grandparents been laid to rest. They only have one grandparent alive that is my father because my mum died a long time ago and both their grandparents from their Dad’s side have passed away. It was special for them at least to see their names on the grave to help them understand.  After our 4 days were finished, we packed our bags again and then headed off to Hobart. That will be our last stop in Australia this trip, then will be off to Thailand.

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  1. I’m personally inspired by wife and I have the same dream…inshalah God will hear us…

    At least now I have a place where I can go and experience how other places look like…thanks to maisafari site..

    You have really inspired me…

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