My Baby Sis Tina Eid Day @Muscat City Center Mall. Aug 2012

@pinkberry, Muscat City Center Mall


This is how i celebrated my Eid, me and my sister decided to go City center early before watu hawajajaa because on holidays or weekends watu wanajaa sana(like Kariakoo)lol! We went for lunch at GBK kitchen and had some marvelous healthy burger and onion rings it was yummy i just want to go back again and again I loved it(na ninavopenda kula), it was very nice then I had my favorite ice cream at Pinkberry. I also did some few shopping’s(Forever 21 inaniuwaa) and that was it, my Eid!!. I was very happy this day i was waiting for it to come so bad i couldn’t wait!!

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