Casual Night @ MSC Poesia Cruise Ship Day 8, Dec 8. 2012

@MSC Cruise Ship
@MSC Cruise Ship Foyer

What a beuatiful day. After dropping the children off at the Kids Club, Hubby and I had a “date night” with no kids!. After dinner we had a leisurely stroll around the ship and took some pics. Inside the MSC Poesia was quite beautiful. And the theme tonight was casual, so most everyone wore smart casual. I loved the Xmas decorations around the ship. It made everything look beautiful… including people like me! hahahaa…… Just a lovely relaxing and romantic evening at sea :)

2 thoughts on “Casual Night @ MSC Poesia Cruise Ship Day 8, Dec 8. 2012”

  1. woh! so beautiful, wish na bongo kuwe na sehemu kama hiyo!
    pic zuri mamiiii


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